Most people think tinting their car will make it look good, which it does however it does much more than that. Along with improving the appearance of the car tinting will provide significant protection of the car’s interior from fading along with protecting you the driver from harmful Ultra violet rays.

All window tints must stop 99% U.V Rays to be classified as a solar film.

If window tint is effective, not just a gimmick, what is the best type of tint for your car?

Many new car sales offer the customer window tinting. Car yards want the job done as cheaply as possible, then it is sold to the customer for an exploded price.

To make money some contractors use very cheap films. “Dyed film is one such film. It has a protective layer, a dyed layer and the adhesive layer. This is a very thin film, it is not colour stable and will do well to last 2 summers in Cairns. I recommend you stay away from this film.

Carbon film is another film that doesn’t do well in Cairns climate. While it is colour stable it too is a very thin film. Carbon and dyed films are often offered with a lifetime warranty –this not possible in our tropical climate.

Metalized or sputtered film is a better option for our climate. Firstly this film is a 3 ply not a 2ply which makes it far more rigid. A hard coat layer, a colour layer, then a sputtered metal layer, then the adhesive layer makes for a very stable long lasting product with good heat reduction. With low internal reflectivity and minimal exterior reflection with a dark look, this film is a good choice of a better quality window tint.

A new development in recent time is ceramic tint. While showing good signs of heat rejection, colour stability and durability, ceramic tints are entering the market at a much higher price than other products on offer. In time the cost may come down.

Tinting is a worthwhile investment for your car. Make sure you are not sold dyed or carbon film. I will not last long in our climate. I have been tinting in cairns since 1986 I have seen what works.

Happy motoring