After Installation the tint should not be cleaned for 30 days. This is the maximum curing time for the adhesive.

Soft cloths such as chamois or micro fibre cloth may be used with a mild dish washing liquid. Abrasive cloths, brushes , powders,  ammonia based or other strong cleaning liquids should NOT be used. 

A rubber blade squeegee may be used.     

The film is coated with a scratch resistant coating, however use of anything abrasive may damage the tint surface. Paper towels or newspaper WILL damage tint if used frequently. 

 Window film applications are never carried out in a completely dust free environment. As a result small particles may be evident . Such inclusions are concurrent with industry best practice - if unobtrusive and small in number. 

NOTE: Never tape a window that has already been tinted even when preparing for a storm or cyclone! Tinting will hold the glass shards together in the event of breakage

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