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Glass Building


Our darkest legal film stops 99% U.V, 72% Glare and keeps your Aircon air circulating in the car instead of being absorbed out as it would through normal glass. 

We only use 3ply films – no 2ply or carbon products are used as they don’t withstand the far north heat.

Frostings and Films


Commercial solar films are structured differently to automotive films. 

They have a much higher metal content and therefore stop a much higher level of solar energy. 

They also have the advantage of total day time privacy. 

All solar films MUST stop 99% U.V in order to be classified as a solar film. These films carry a dry adhesive so they are extremely durable over time.

Frostings & Decorative Films

Frosting provides decorative effects and privacy. 

Security Films


Holds Glass together, slows down break ins.

Strengthens glass to withstand storms and cyclones

37 years of experience in the tinting industry


Quality Product and Application

Every film we apply is made from high quality materials from brands such as M.E.P., 3M, and products from the U.S.
Each job is applied with pride. Whatever you need, we have the skills to get the job done promptly and professionally.

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